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Table 6 Simulated potential gains in the probability of training

From: Under-provision of private training by MENA firms: what to Do about It?

Variable Raising MENA Mean of Favorable Characteristic Variable Lowering MENA Mean of Unfavorable Characteristic
Capital city 0.002676 Sole Owner 0.00174
Percent foreign 0.006832 Age 0.00616
Quality certificate 0.003536 Crime 0.000425
Sales export 0.001296 Finance WC Internal 0.006783
Website 0.00429 Obstacle Labor 0.000874
Email 0.010585   
Manager experience 0.06912   
Management time 0.011025   
Female owner 0.001061   
Sales growth > 50 0.006384   
Total 0.116804 Total 0.015982
  1. Gains from Raising Means of Favorable MENA Characteristics and Lowering Those of Unfavorable Characteristics to Those of Non-MENA