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Table 5 Selected papers based on RUMiC

From: The RUMiC longitudinal survey: fostering research on labor markets in China

Paper Research topics Survey Key findings
Akay et al. (2012) Subjective well-being of migrants; positional concerns RHS, UHS, MHS Economic success of other migrants and rural workers reduces subjective well-being, while comparison with urban residents increases it.
Akay et al. (2013) Subjective well-being; remittances MHS Migrants experience welfare gains by sending remittances; both altruistic and contractual motivations are at work.
Biavaschi et al. (2013) Left-behind; human capital; sibling effects RHS Sibling influence on schooling performance is stronger among left-behind children, compensating potential adverse effects of migration.
Cui et al. (2013) Returns to education; entrepreneurship; wage distribution MHS Emergence of a dual labor market with rising returns to education for urban residents and disadvantaged migrant workers.
Démurger and Li (2013) Remittances; left-behind; occupational choice RHS Own migration experience leads to subsequent off-farm work. Migration of a family member induces more farming work.
Démurger et al. (2012) Wage inequality; entrepreneurship; UHS Earning gaps across firm ownership decrease over time.
Frijters et al. (2010) Wage inequality; labor market segmentation UHS, MHS Migrants have lower wages and welfare insurance contributions compared to urban residents.
Frijters et al. (2011) Entrepreneurship; credit constraints UHS, MHS Discrimination in salaried jobs leads to migrants choosing self-employment, which offsets the negative effects of credit constraints on self-employment.
Ge and Lehmann (2013) Worker displacement; labor market segmentation UHS, MHS Re-employment outcomes after displacement differ between migrants and urban workers.
Giulietti et al. (2012) Self-employment; wage differentials RHS, MHS Wage differential is a key determinant in the choice between self-employment and wage work.
Giulietti et al. (2013) Entrepreneurship; left-behind; return migration RHS Return migration promotes self-employment among non-migrants, while current migration reduces it.
Qu and Zhao (2013) Wage inequality UHS, MHS During the 2000s, wage inequality decreased among migrant workers while it increased among urban workers.
Zhang and Zhao (2011) Entrepreneurship; social networks MHS Migrants with larger social-family network are more likely to choose self-employment.
Zhang and Zhao (2013) Migration decision MHS Rural–urban migrants who move further away need to be compensated with larger income gains.