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Table 3 Questionnaire modules

From: The RUMiC longitudinal survey: fostering research on labor markets in China

Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 1 Wave 1 Wave 1 Wave 2
Old S. New S.
Personal characteristics
Social insurance
Health status
Supplementary health condition questions      
Subjective well-being
Risk and preferences      
Education and training background
Employment situation
Information on young children (≤16 years old)
Information on adult children (>16 years old)      
Information on spouse living apart     
Information on parents††    
Information on siblings††        
Social network††
Information on farm land††      
Life events††
Comparison of satisfaction level and income††      
Household income, expenditure, assets††  
Durable goods listing††     
Present housing and living conditions††     
Information on rural hometown††     
  1. Source: RUMiC Wave 1 and 2. includes children who live in the household, those living with the relatives/friends and those attending school in other areas; ††questions asked to household head or spouse only.