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Table 8 Impact of Yigong-daizhen project on migrant (hypothesis tests on productivity improvement and cost reduction)

From: Do public work schemes deter or encourage outmigration? Empirical evidence from China

  Dependent variable: number of migrant labor (person)
OLS (1) OLS (2) OLS (3) OLS (4)
  Panel A: Productivity improvement
After *Yigong-daizhen *Productivity improvement −10.14 8.02 11.97 22.74
  (33.85) (28.18) (27.89) (25.92)
  Panel B: Cost reduction
After *Yigong-daizhen *Costs reduction 62.20* 58.17** 58.41** 44.19**
  (32.93) (28.60) (28.93) (27.04)
Control for:     
Two main effects for Diff-in-Diff Yes Yes Yes Yes
Village level controls No Yes Yes Yes
Types of project No No Yes Yes
Province FE No No No Yes
N 4858 4858 4858 4858
  1. Notes.**denotes significant at the 0.05 level; *denotes significant at the 0.1 level. Robust clustered standard errors at the village level are reported in the parentheses.