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Table 1 Basic background of Yigong-daizhen projects in China

From: Do public work schemes deter or encourage outmigration? Empirical evidence from China

Projects Period Investment (billion yuan) Achievement
Rural land construction and irrigation system construction 1985-1995 7.3 Developed new terraces: 21 million mu; improve low fertility land: 14 million mu; improve irrigation: 51 million mu.
Road construction 1985-1995 10.05 Improve rural roads: 214.4 thousands kilometers
Drinking water supply facilities 1985-1995 3.5 Provide drinking water supply for 40.9 million people and 33 million livestocks
Forestry and meadow maintenance, small-scale water conservation 1985-1995 2.7 Tree Planting: 22.7 million mu; New and improved meadow: 10 million mu; Small-scale water conservation: 28 thousands square kilometers
River and Lake Conservation 1991-1995 8 2 billion yuan has been invested annually since the flood in 1991 to improve the water condition of several important river and lakes
Rural land construction and irrigation system construction 1995-2000 10 Rural land construction: 30 million mu; improve irrigation: 40 million mu.
Drinking water supply facilities 1995-2000 3.5 Provide drinking water supply for about 40 million people and 30 million livestocks
Road construction 1995-2000 9 Improve rural roads: around 100 thousands kilometers
Small-scale water conservation 1995-2000 1.5 Small-scale water conservation: around 30 thousands square kilometers
  1. Source: Documents issued by the National Development and Reform Commission referring to Yigong-daizhen projects, 1985–1995; 1995–2000.